Bring and Buy

Terms Rules and Instructions

The ever popular Bring and Buy stand will be at the show again, but please bear in mind it is always very busy and it will assist with the smooth running of the stand if you take time to read the following:


1 Each item for sale must be Garden Railway related and have a LARGE TIE ON PARCEL LABEL securely attached which displays the lot number, the selling price and a brief description of the item. Please ensure the price shown is to the nearest 50 pence. ITEMS WITH SELF-ADHESIVE LABELS WILL BE REFUSED.

2 We cannot accept magazines and periodicals.

3 Items for sale must be listed on the booking form which you will be able to download from here after the 16th January 2024. Please Note: Only current forms titled 2024 will be accepted; those bearing earlier dates will be rejected.

4 Please complete columns 1 and 3 on the form for each lot.

5 On the day of the show, items may be booked in up to 10.30 a.m. at the pre-booking table at the Show Entrance. Please note no items can be accepted for sale after 10:30 a.m. and no items will be available for sale until 11.00 a.m.

6 Sale proceeds may be collected any time after 2.30 p.m.but must be collected by 4.00 pm at the latest, along with unsold items.You must return your receipt to the Booking-in-clerk if you wish to collect any unsold items.

7 The Stewards on the stand will take every reasonable step to care for items. HOWEVER, ALL ITEMS ARE DISPLAYED, HANDLED AND OFFERED FOR SALE AT THE OWNER'S RISK.

8 The South Devon Garden Railway Group will retain a commission of 12.50% of the sale price of each item sold. This sum will be deducted at the time the seller collects his/her money and any remaining unsold items.

9 Items will be accepted for sale at the discretion of the Sales Stand Co-ordinator.

10 Completion of the booking form and offering goods for sale are taken as acceptance of the above conditions.


11 Please note that we prefer all payments in cash.There are several cash machines nearby and a map showing one of them is available on the main desk and information stand or you may download one here: Cashpoint map We may accept cheques if you can provide photographic proof of identity, showing your address. Two cheques will be required for each purchase, one for 87.5% of the price made out to the seller and one for the commission, made payable to the South Devon Garden Railway Group. WE CANNOT ACCEPT PAYMENT BY DEBIT OR CREDIT CARDS.

12 All items, once purchased must be removed immediately and no goods can be held back or "put to one side".

13 All goods are available for inspection on the sales stand and buyers must satisfy themselves at the time of purchase of the the condition of the item. The South Devon Garden Railway Group Limited offers no warranty on the goods and all items are "Sold as seen" at the buyers own risk.


14 The Bring and Buy Stall Coordinator's decision is absolutely final in all respects .